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Why the production of laundry detergent industry so hot

by:Meibao     2020-10-16
Why so busy production laundry detergent industry after 2010, washing, great changes have taken place in the market, because like a sword, strong-arm reaction in the market, as a new star, shine quickly. Nowadays, as people living standard has increased, the demand for washing supplies continue to increase, drive the prosperity of the cleaning products market. At present, washing supplies has become an essential for People's Daily life, products is increasing, and gradually toward the green environmental protection, functional and the direction of specialization, seriation. Washing supplies goods sales also increased dramatically. For manufacturers, because the simple manufacture process and making machine, making laundry detergent making machine less investment, and no dust pollution, no waste water pollution, production more safety. And laundry detergent production now don't need to deal with complicated production license and so on. Chemical wash detergent production machine is different from traditional mixing making machine; Making machine has a high-speed plasma shear emulsifying and stirring synchronization, lower part of making machine screw pump or centrifugal emulsification and emulsion pump circulation automatic discharge; 3 times than the traditional mixer to save time, product warranty extend more than 2 times, because of good emulsification, large product concentration, detergency, stronger than traditional mixer products under same cost, improve the decontamination index 30% 40%. Making machine has a big and small, the prices are different configuration is different also, respectively ranging from ten thousand to more than 10, two hundred thousand. Detergent, laundry detergent and washing powder production machine and the principle, a completely different production conditions are completely different, especially in the production of detergent shampoo etc. , on health products is not a workshop with washing powder production. Japan has more than 10 years experience in factory, making machine and technology all over the country, and exported to Vietnam, kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia, Iran, Africa, and many other countries and regions, are welcome to inquire and technology are discussed. Chemical machinery url: chemical machinery address: hangzhou qingshan district 20 floor 24 hours free telephone: the bank of China tower
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