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What kind of shampoo is good, to teach you how to choose the right shampoo

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Hair is one the important of personal image, the hair quality and clean or not is one aspect of a lot of people are very relationship, to the hair quality is good, the choose and buy high quality shampoo is crucial. But now the shampoo shampoo brand so much of what brand is good, how should choose and buy high quality? You need not worry, I'll teach you several ways below, friends to watch carefully! A see consistency: consistency is refers to the shampoo present status, it is reflect the most important part of the texture of shampoo. Generally good shampoo sticky texture, after inversion flow, and the good shampoo paste more exquisite, absolutely won't exist any bumpy, and paste coherent. 2 see product of moderate degree: the mild degree is the PH value of shampoo shampoo. PH value is used to identify the material standards of acid-base degree. Healthy hair surface layer has a complete set of hair, hair normally in weak acid, if acid weaker than hair shampoo, the PH value is higher than the hair shampoo, so after washing the hair of the PH value increases, at this point, the table surface scales will open, the hair is also the most vulnerable, the most easy to damage. Therefore need to use shampoo acid, make the PH balance of the two, which could be closed up hair squama, smooth and easy to comb hair nature, smooth and healthy. Four to see the product of foaming power: foaming force is an important symbol of identification of shampoo is good or bad, generally a good shampoo is good c, with very little to add some water can be a lot of bubble. So we are under a certain temperature, the sample diluent mixing in the magnetic stirrer, Or directly mixing) with a glass rod 3 minutes ( Simulations have rubbed shampoo) After import the sample of the measuring cylinder, can be directly read foam height, foam height, the greater the show that the product foaming power, the better. Five see product detergency: decontamination ability is an important symbol of shampoo is good or bad evaluation, the most basic function of shampoo is clean. It can remove excessive grease and dirt, scalp for the growth of the hair to create a good environment. Professional hair care products, shampoo is to help open the wool scale, so that a more thorough cleaning, but also help closed and wool scale. Six see product repair power: hair from outside to inside can be divided into the skin, fur quality, MAO MAO medulla three parts. Hair skin ( Is also called the epidermis layer, the stratum corneum) From the flat cells staggered overlapping scales flake, which is the outermost layers of the hair structure, main composition is keratin, composed of a variety of amino acids. Generally described by dyeing and perm, straight hair and damage, is the hair skin damage. If the damaged hair skin, hair squama will arch. In order to get a more intuitive significantly as a result, we will use to be washed hair shampoo in the electron microscope. If scales in no or few hog, repair effect is good. Next up: how about detergent production equipment market outlook on an article: laundry detergent manufacturer to teach you to use the matters needing attention when the laundry detergent
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