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What about design of sodium silicate production line by Meibao?
The design is a feature of sodium silicate production line, which, in the opinion of Zhejiang Meibao Industrial Technology Co., Ltd, offers excellent experience to users. There is considerable input into the design each year. The product may be customized based on the demand. The design team will offer strong support in the whole process.
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Meibao is one of the leading manufacturing corporations as well as the most promising start-ups in China. Our main product is high spray tower washing powder plant. Meibao's main products include detergent production line series. Some chemicals and other additives are added to customize the Meibao liquid detergent production line for the intended use, including anhydrous aluminum silicates as reinforcing fillers. Its surface can go through mirror polishing to improve gloss. People can trust that it can directly contact with bare skin without causing any skin allergies or other skin-sensitive symptoms. The use of this product significantly reduces labor costs.
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Our firm bears societal responsibilities. We support raw material suppliers that promote “green” methods of production and use recycled materials, that contribute to a healthy environment.

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