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We all know, the role of laundry detergent?

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
We all know, the role of laundry detergent? The role of laundry detergent is first clean function, it contains the active matter can increase its cleaning functions. The second point is the has very important function of antifreezing in winter, we said above, because there are add, can properly fall in deep freeze. And the third point is to make sure that the security we drive on the road, that is the anti-fog window function, so as not to cause we drive on the road suddenly the line of sight of fuzzy, we can reduce some unexpected happens. The fourth is easy to produce something - autumn/winter days Electrostatic, everyone knows that static electricity can be adsorption a few small things, if there is one static, window there will be some impurities. The fifth is the function of lubrication, can reduce the friction windshield wiper and window, protect the Windows from scratch. The last point is important, is the function of anti-corrosion, such as some after the acid rain, or after a long journey, is necessary to clean the Windows. Detergent production factory house, in an article: 'washing powder' and 'laundry detergent' which is better?
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