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Washing powder sales market in where?

by:Meibao     2020-10-16
Small make up found that there are a lot of things are slowly disappearing in the long river of history, such as: sewing, thimble, grinding, kerosene lamps, and so on, these things disappear all have one thing in common, is replaced by something better. So let's decades of washing powder would also like these things slowly withdraw from the stage of history, replaced by something else? Now cleaning supplies store supermarket shelves, as can be seen washing powder on the shelf accounted for the proportion of less and less. Young people today because of the high pace of life become fewer and fewer people choose washing powder, and choose relatively good dissolve detergent for washing. So why is the new product in the laundry detergent washing powder, soap and washing hit more than 10 years is still standing there? If a product can not adapt to market and trend, then sooner or later be eliminated. And washing powder can break through in many washing products, is to rely on innovation and constantly upgrade the new technology to adapt to the changing market demand. Washing powder technology upgrade for the first time, launch without phosphorus detergent powder composite environmental requirements and the concept of green consumption; Mild detergent technology to upgrade the second time, it does not hurt the hand, alkaline washing powder is known to all, once upon a time the washing powder at the time of use, some washing powder can produce burn hand feeling, and because there is no in this case, so the washing powder again upgrade technology formula, produces mild does not hurt the hand washing powder; Technology upgrading for the third time, low foam is easy to rinse, wash clothes the most irritated is bubble more is not easy to rinse, rinse for several times, and found that there are still a lot of bubbles, waste water, and clothes will leave traces, so the washing powder technology upgrade again, produce low foam, easy to rinse the detergent can be rinsed off at a time, to save water. In the washing detergent products is the reason of longevity in washing powder can turn in the adverse circumstance, every time continuously upgrade product conform to the demand of the mass market.
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