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Washing powder production machine, pure water process

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - 01 washing powder is specially for diesel engine exhaust gas purification recovery agent. It is a tasteless non-toxic solution, special storage container stored in a diesel car. When the waste gas from engine exhaust, it will arrive at SCR with exhaust catalytic converter, and then convert nitrogen into harmless nitrogen and water, and then greatly reduce emissions. Urea abroad generally called Adblue or DEF, equipped with Adblue diesel has a separate container for storage. For now, SCR, Selective catalytic recover skills) Skills into the diesel engine Ⅳ specification skills preferred. Produce domestic engine manufacturers have started to use SCR skills to achieve environmental protection requirement. Here is to introduce the technological process of washing powder production equipment in the process of pure water processing raw water & rarr; The original water tank & rarr; Booster pump & rarr; Sand filter & rarr; Activated carbon filter & rarr; Scale inhibitor equipment & rarr; 5μ Precision filter & rarr; Level of high-pressure pump & rarr; Level of coating system & rarr; Level of RO water tank & rarr; The secondary high pressure pump & rarr; Secondary coating system & rarr; Level 2 RO water tank and the fuel consumption add detergent can make? This is a big mistake in particular, added urea for car fuel consumption will not add. Used to say, on the market of urea solution using amount is 5% of the fuel consumption, demand note here is that the 5%, is each cost 200 l diesel oil, needs take 10 l detergent. A brief understanding is only take washing powder, without consuming fuel, therefore has not been added fuel consumption. Why not add urea liquid fuel consumption will rise? Without urea, car engine power limited will fall, when the engine power, after falling before overtaking may climb, will have to step on the gas rushed ahead of time. , for example, the previous 2 kilometers there is a slope, normal to the slope toe refueling can blunt go up; If power constraints, 2 km to speed up early slope, so the 2 km of road is the additional fuel, a month down will find without urea will than add urea will add fuel consumption. Why not add urea solution, not feel power down? Due to the large car power now, 420/430 power, storage power enough. If the highway, the plains as high power, due to the problem of urea after power constraints, feeling is not obvious. A: cheap goods is not good, detergent production equipment scam everywhere
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