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Washing powder production machine company: catharsis things should work out several sets of sales strategy

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 hangzhou machinery equipment co. , LTD. In the network looking for materials and their summarizes: catharsis things should work out several sets of sales strategy, in the future there will be more better articles to share with you hope you attention of our company: laundry detergent washing powder detergent production machine equipment production equipment washing powder equipment detergent shampoo shampoo laundry detergent production equipment. A city: according to every place of the economy, the different culture to develop a variety of promotional strategies. Procter & gamble, for example, in 2002, a large number of workers laid off in nanjing, right when the rise in grain and oil, nanjing p&g launched 'buy shampoo send a jin of rice' s strategy, and at that time, each big market appear long queuing phenomenon, become 美谈 industry. Co a: in terms of a store, due to the approach barcode, brand and selling place of the business environment is different, can adopt different strategies effectively. At that time, such a different promotion methods according to different season. Summer with bath dew, shampoo products more easily. And in the winter is into detergent products, moisturizing products. Swallow a: according to the different products with different promotion methods: for example, popular now Iraq hundred li French perfume lotion has rose whitening skin, aloe vera and pure and fresh, milk, lemon vigor 4 product. So, we can according to the different characteristics of the product to make different consumption object, such as roses, skin type is suitable for fashion sense is strong, young gens, have certain pursuit of beauty of life for the young, according to characteristics of terminal environment, should be white-collar gens, the blue-collar gens of the higher income. Student gens. And milk whitening the product, the concept of milk has been accepted by people all over the country, should be positioning for the masses. One strategy: according to the different consumers with different methods. Such as middle-aged women, young women and older men, marketed for customers, white-collar etc. Different people have different needs, so different people should adopt different marketing strategy. The previous mechanical recruitment ( Electrical engineer) Need to travel all over the country! !
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