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Washing powder problems? An article to help you solve!

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
With the popularity of washing powder, various problems also produce about urea. So how to correctly use detergent? Small make up then answer for you. When friends of vehicle failure lights or other small failure, can from the urea system to find out why. First check is urea quality problem, the unqualified urea urea system leads to congestion, resulting in failure. Note that the second urea should keep the sprue and surrounding clean when filling, prevent impurities from entering the system. In addition, the card friends remember in twenty thousand kilometers urea filter has to be replaced. Finally, and most easy to ignore the card the friends, vehicles parked, keep open, switch back 5 minutes urea system recovery and then shut down. In summary, when using the washing powder must choose qualified urea; Charging urea process, be sure to note the crystallinity of urea. Urea cartridge must be replaced periodically to ensure that the urea system have a clean environment; Key door closed, don't a close to the end, if out of the car after breaking the power directly, urea recycling incomplete will lead to crystallization. Read the article, believe the friends have a better understanding for urea, the future will be more comfortable to use. Detergent production factory house, the previous: reverse osmosis water treatment making machine need add softened water resin and scale inhibitor?
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