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Washing powder investment feasibility analysis

by:Meibao     2020-10-28
Washing powder investment feasibility analysis: 1. Market conditions of washing powder detergent solution in our country is a heavy duty diesel vehicles to achieve the four washing powder is a heavy duty diesel emissions standards for products to achieve the four necessary for emissions standards. Washing powder is refers to the urea concentration is 32. The urea aqueous solution of 5% and the solvent for ultrapure water, raw material for metal ions out of stock, desulfurization, take off the metal ions and electronic ultrapure water. Heavy trucks, buses and other diesel vehicles to achieve the four emissions standards, be about to choose a suitable SCR on tail gas processing system, and the system must use urea solution to deal with nox in the exhaust gas. Therefore, detergent solution became heavy trucks and buses to reach the discharge standard of essential products. 2. Washing powder in China market with enormous potential in 1 2019 China detergent consumption. 50000 tons, accounts for only 1% of the world's consumption of detergent solution. Because of the four standard has not been enforced throughout the country, the current domestic only pilot in Beijing, Shanghai and other places the public transport system, using SCR technology in lead to washing powder blue ocean market has not yet been opened. Data show that China's detergent consumption around 15000 tons in 2019, only 3% of the world's consumption of detergent solution. 3. Our country wide space of market has huge potential domestic demand for washing powder, washing powder in demand is expected to reach 400 - 7 million tons. As the four fully implementing moved close to the domestic demand of washing powder in 400 - 7 million tons of blue ocean market is expected to be gradually opened. Our market capacity is calculated based on the following assumptions: according to the medium-duty diesel yield is calculated, by 2020 China's detergent market capacity of 7 million tons. In 2012 our country four standard diesel car production is about 650000, 2005 - Average annual compound growth rate of 13 2012 production. 4%. If the strict implementation of the four emissions, assuming a commercial vehicles using SCR technology takes 1 year on average. 2 - 1. 5 tons of detergent solution, 2013 - Annual production of 2019 the average annual growth of 10%, to 2020 annual demand is up to 7 million tons of the washing powder. 4. A market with enormous potential return on investment higher demand of increasing washing powder will be a considerable portion of the urea production capacity of the digesting, domestic urea industry is expected to usher in a new opportunity. Washing powder application startup at present, the domestic market space is broad, demand has huge potential. Beijing, hangzhou and other places made the local standards of the detergent solution. But has no authority to the current domestic unified national standard washing powder, there is no industry standard, the current need for detergent solution as soon as possible state standard, strengthen the detergent solution access supervision of the manufacturing enterprise, the product quality management. Also need to raise people's environmental protection consciousness, strengthen the enforcement of relevant laws and regulations. The dosage of the detergent is fuel quantity 3% 5%, so the market space is enormous. In addition, washing powder high return on investment. Completed and put into production device can recover all your investment in six months. 5. A market with enormous potential market space is large, we think, for a long time with the four fully implementing drifting close, domestic demand of washing powder in 4 million - 7 million tons of blue ocean market is expected to be gradually opened, as a result, a channel advantages of enterprises is expected to launch in the four initial maximum grab market share, enjoy the dividend policy. Detergent production factory house, the previous: washing powder manufacturer about detergent tank maintenance
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