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Washing machine detergent effect of health

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
More rapid pace of life, people have higher request for health and hygiene standards, the typical family cleaning such as laundry, wash, wash, wash feet, some washing floor, kitchen, bathroom, glass, lampblack machine, all sorts of household cleaning and cleaning activities, such as washing powder machine also need more professional cleaning and washing supplies, in addition, such as small packaging, hotel shampoo, shower gel, soap, detergent, floor cleaner, clean sheets, washing detergent and disinfectant used in catering industry market is more big, large office buildings, p&g quite striking consumption of the cleaning products. Washing machine production, it is said, to do is hand washing powder bai, directly buy raw material admixture can by hand the bai, why want to use washing machine production equipment? In fact, the production of washing powder if there really is so simple, so large manufacturers should be closed. From the raw material, the production of detergent raw materials are liquid and powder of raw material to produce. Manual with just the powder of raw materials mixing, single material or a single, liquid raw materials was mixed in. From quality, manual work late use detergent may this more than a spoonful of alkali, may also be a scoop of acid, so the manual production of washing powder is a feasible road. Washing machine to produce washing powder made of what? The effect how? Said now let me give you a general detergent can use soda ash, sodium sulphate, powder, sulfonic acid, k12, aes, protease, chemicals such as high decontamination, high bubble but are included in the inside. The raw material price is not high, general but need strict proportion to make qualified to use cleaning supplies, no matter what brand of cleaning supplies, in the aspect of raw material proportioning is very the attention. Some customers ask, ariel, you can do to smell, make white flavor powder, this depends on the essence, so it's not a problem. Cleaning supplies scope is very broad, in addition to the consumption of People's Daily life, including restaurants, hotels, hotel, office, hospital, nightclubs and so on consumer entertainment, washing powder machine this demand is staggering. So now a lot of customers are thought of this kind of sales channels, product price is lower than that of the brand, the quality is good, so you can open a good market. Detergent powder making machine next article: washing powder equipment production of washing powder on hands? A: laundry detergent production equipment and the principle of washing powder production equipment
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