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Wash association annual technical equipment yong-qing tong chairman in China

by:Meibao     2020-10-16
China association professional committee of the 2018 annual meeting of technical equipment washing 曁 'synthetic detergent factory design specification', 'light chemical factory project specification' working seminar 'on October 10 ~ 12, held in guangzhou, from institutions of higher learning, research institute, design institute, construction units and manufacturing enterprises such as 53 units of 67 guests attended the annual meeting, the meeting got guangzhou white enterprise group co. , LTD. Support. My company yong-qing tong chairman attended the annual meeting. This annual meeting will be two 'specification' working as an important agenda of meeting, to make full use of the technology and equipment committee of the platform, let each member can fully exchanges, learn from each other, common development, more hope the daily chemical products production enterprises, colleges and universities, research institutes, equipment manufacturing, delegates can regulate the establishment of more and better Suggestions and opinions, especially in the production process, production safety, energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental protection, etc. , on the basis of the actual situation of the enterprises, provide reliable industry technical data for specifications, for the chemical industry to realize scientific, high quality, sustainable development provide a strong guarantee. This meeting has rich contents, various forms, group of policy QunYan issues close to the construction of the project, management and so on each link of the actual production, cause the resonance of the relevant enterprises, light chemical enterprises is to understand and solve the current problems need to be solved important way, through the meeting, they all recognize that to look at problems from the height of the laws and regulations, don't put the relevant laws and regulations as to the limitation of our development, and should be regarded as shield in the development of enterprises. With broader view to know present problems such as safety, environmental protection, to safety, environmental benefits, through technology and equipment of ascension to improve and improve the safety, environmental protection of the equipment and product quality.
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