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Using horizontal mixing chance to pollute the environment

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
In chemical industry, injection molding, raw materials, etc, the horizontal mixer is one of the common mixing making machine, due to the horizontal mixer in use process speed, heating effect is good, mix evenly, so it has very good prospects in the market. Then the horizontal mixer polluting the environment? This is a problem in the minds of many. Here small make up to introduce horizontal mixer for everyone whether environmental pollution. As is known to all, horizontal mixer in the process of work is carried out by internal rotation blade fast rotation so as to realize mixing, therefore in the process of mixing, horizontal mixer does not produce poisonous gas exhaust, so companies don't have to worry about horizontal mixing chance the phenomenon of environmental pollution. Then stir dust where to go? Presumably this is a lot of questions, so small make up just to tell you, horizontal mixer set up double tube wet mouth, can effective drainage of moisture, and making machine when the design has the function of collecting dust, so for enterprise, don't have to worry about there will be dust pollution of the air. Because making machine itself can discharge moisture, and will produce dust collection, so don't have to worry about environmental pollution. Detergent production factory house, the previous: traditional mixer impeller there are several ways
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