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Used for washing laundry products clean and save money

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
Laundry detergent, laundry detergent and washing product formula ingredients generally includes: main lotion, lotion, water softener, redeposition resistance agent, auxiliary agent, filling agent, thickening agent, etc. Main lotion is plays a main role in the composition of the washing powder, usually for a dollar or multiple compound with surfactants, including anionic surfactant and nonionic surfactant, such as sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid, ethoxylated alkyl sodium sulfate, ethoxylated fatty alcohols, etc. Rely on it at the dirt on clothes wetting, emulsifying, decomposition, dirt is easy to be out of the clothes and into the water. Help lotion in general to provide the basic material, general acidic due to dirt on clothes, washing powder for washing to keep certain alkaline has great help, such as sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, sodium tripolyphosphate, 4 a zeolite, etc. Main washing water of high hardness water softener to soften the material, the hardness of water easy cause anionic surfactant to form calcium soap and lose their surface activity, reduces the effect of washing detergent, such as sodium carbonate, sodium tripolyphosphate, 4 a zeolite, etc. Can make out of clothes stain redeposition resistance agent relatively stable suspended in the water and no longer back to the clothing, the prevention and treatment of stains again deposit on the clothing, such as sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, poly (carboxylic acid salt, etc. Adjuvant including fluorescent whitening agent, enzyme preparation, essence, etc. Some of these substances can improve the effect of wash, such as enzyme preparation ( Protease, lipase and amylase, etc. ) , bleach, etc. Some can increase the sensory effects, such as fluorescent whitening agent, essence, etc. Filler fixed product formula, main effect is to improve product particle morphology, liquidity. Thickener can keep laundry detergent certain consistency and consistency of high implied in the laundry detergent material content is high, in fact only meet consumers' psychological needs, such as sodium chloride, polymers, etc. Next up: the main formula ingredients proportion on a laundry detergent production: why more and more people use the laundry detergent?
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