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Use washing powder will increase to the car cost?

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - 01 said to use cost, if use the four five product can bring huge cost to the truck driver, actually using the four five products, car costs have gone up 2 - by the user 30000 yuan, but at present, the market of urea usage for fuel consumption 3% 5%, the use of the four car washing powder will also result in cost increase. But fuel compared to original countries launched three chance to save 2% 4%. , fuel cost savings can offset these costs. In addition, the use of washing powder note also need to know. First of all, the urea can only allow refill meet DB11/552 - 32 2008 or other related standards. 5% of the urea solution, and urea cans per car have the largest filling amount, don't be forced to fill. After the second filling, to plug the rubber plug, prevent urea spatter. In which every one year or 50000 kilometers, to tear down discharge mouth out impurities, ventilation valve also tear down wash with water. Also have a filter at the bottom of the sensor, the theoretical value is every 100000 kilometers need to change, but still want to see the working condition and loading of urea and oil quality. As the world's largest automobile market, China's detergent market is open, but not in the expected explosion. And evil people mixed up, on the one hand, the current urea market, counterfeit and inferior urea is too much, on the other hand, the four car mainly adopt an EGR post-processing technology, the necessary additives - everybody for SCR - - - - - - Washing powder is not familiar with. But as the five vehicles universal access, washing powder gradually increased the size of the market will be the trend of The Times. A: detergent production equipment have the features that!
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