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Sorching summer use shampoo note! ! !

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - Technology reference, 01 shampoo shampoo equipment, shampoo manufacturing, shampoo process, hot summer soon arrived, coupled with global warming, dozens of people are unable to stand high temperature, the hair is even more so. Often than in winter and summer hair care, because of the strong ultraviolet radiation and outdoor sports such as swimming in summer can cause dry and coarse hair, so how do you make summer hair also have burnish and full of elasticity? Black hair unripe hair experts in plastic class action for you, in advance prevention, ride out the burning hot summer, let your hair after shampoo formula 1, swimming, your hair will have a feeling of hair dirty, like faded? It was in the swimming pool of bleaching powder in, if it is dyed hair, it's easy to turn green. Hairdresser revealed to our method of adjusting the fade, wash shampoo and tomato juice together again, to neutralize bleach adversary initiated to chemistry. 2, swimming at the beach, and later how to remove sand, salt, and dirt in the hair? Hairdresser's trick is to use the soda water to wet the hair first, then it is ok to wash your hair with shampoo. 3, how to make the hair glittering in the sun shine? Hairdresser's secret recipe is squeezed lemon juice on the hair, but it particularly damaged hair quality, in order to make up for the shortage, can be used to mix the lemon juice and conditioner. 4, dye hair experts advise after coloring cause scalp to relieve the discomfort can use cold milk. Pour the milk on the hair, keep 5 - For 10 minutes. Then, rinse thoroughly with water. 5, get ready to go outside for the weekend? In the first night, spend some time on hair care. With super hair oil to wash hair, don't rinse, blow dry hair as usual. No need to do any nursing over the weekend, your hair will remain with luster. 6, long hair beauty who need special care on their hair. Before using shampoo hair of the personage inside course of study is always long hair hair in part of the first wipe on some hair conditioner, prevent hair twisted together in the cleaning process. The second method using the conditioner suitable for very dry or damaged hair. 7, before making hair, spray a layer of thin on each plastic hair finalize the design water, your hair will be obedient to 'long' on the hair, well after the volume is smooth and durable. 8, if you use the perfect hair finalize the design water, it feels like to wear a helmet, so, you want to know a secret - - All the hairdresser is in at least 30 cm distance from the hair finalize the design water injection, or only finalize the design water injection on their hair brush. Now see, not you finalize the design water is not good. 9, for bun not neat, stylist often use toothbrush to fix of sprayed with finalize the design water bun on the edge of the broken hair. 10, no matter how hot the weather must use hair products. As a makeup artist to finish with a thin layer of dry powder makeup. In a few embellish hair drops or polish head from some natural moisture lock, can very good to protect the summer hair. Mechanical production guide formulation technology shampoo shampoo shampoo production machine process detergent equipment baked ointment, hair conditioner equipment technology of professional chemical formula in an article: shampoo dealers tell you: how to protect my hair!
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