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Soap is an essential part of daily life washing care products

by:Meibao     2020-10-24
Soap washing is an essential part of daily life care, sodium fatty acids and other surfactants as the main raw material, add good quality change agent and appearance improver, after processing and molding of products. Soap points are introduced: general soap: spices, pigments and soap after grinding pressure into various shapes, is to be one of the most economic, for general cleaning to the oil has a good effect. Essential oil soap: a soap is very popular in recent years, with the major plant essential oil refining. Develop soap: contain low alkaline and made after grinding solid soap for many times, this soap is expensive, of course, due to its stable and relatively thin, so is often used as a wash a face with. Transparent soap: contains more than 10% of glycerol and some vegetable oil, after use skin feel slippery slippery, and oil soap is very similar, is often used to wash or dry skin. Floating soap: is a kind of high humidity, without grinding into soap, easy to contain the characteristics of air, when using floats on the surface of the water, more easily clean clean effect is not bad but more difficult to keep humidity, flexible type and color change after deposit, should be used when fresh. Oil soap: when grinding to high levels of fat, will form a layer of oil reservoir in cleaning at the skin surface, appropriate use of dry skin, but the washing effect is a bit poor. Because of the commonly used on infants, so also called baby soap. Tags: laundry detergent washing powder production machine detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: laundry detergent production machine: stainless steel conveyor belt application range
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