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Shampoo production vendors would remind you use opportunely detergent

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 shampoo production equipment manufacturer remind you use opportunely detergent, detergent is useful, it introduced several very useful tip 1. Bathroom mirror is often steam smoked too vague, use detergent daub lens reoccupy does cloth to wipe, which form a layer of soap film on the mirror, can prevent lens blur. 2, shoe brush has the dirt, such as shoe polish with 1 ml of detergent add right amount water dilution, shoe brush dipped in half a day (in the solution 10 hours or so) , remove brush, lift a few times, the oil is easy to fall off. 3. Frames dirt easily, especially the metal frame,. If nose is dirty, can be in both sides are coated with detergent, then rinse with water, both achieve decontamination, and no damage to the surface of the frame. 4. The expert points out, when cleaning oil heavier tableware, if the amount of detergent is insufficient, not only to reach the washing effect, also may be attached to the oil detergent residue, cause pollution. 5. Using high temperature detergent solution decontamination capability, at the same time can reduce the dosage of detergent, more environmentally friendly. The main degreasing detergent ingredients is a surface active agent, such as sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate. And surfactant in stronger at high temperature, this is what some people feel hot with detergent solution is easier to achieve decontamination effect. 6. Shampoo equipment - - - Detergent washing ability basically see the content of surfactant, and has nothing to do with viscosity, concentration, super concentrated detergent looks' dilute 'is normal. A: detergent production equipment introduced the classification of the washing powder to you
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