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Shampoo production of common problems and solutions

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
Shampoo production of common problems and solutions: 1, the bubble too much difficult to disappear: is too shallow, too little water, stir yourself. 2, aqueous solution is too slippery: wire drawing powder put too much, so will be smooth. 3, life is not long, you are looking for a few reasons for this: revolving barrel, production tools, packaging of bacterial infection, preservative content, water quality, climate change, the temperature will affect the shelf life. 4, has not completely dissolved glutinous rice dough: if with translucent thickening powder mixing can appear bad, filter has become. 5, appear ChenDian phenomenon: is the final homogeneous mixing was too careless. Stir a few times more. 6, how in the workshop disinfection: in the production workshop should be a light to sterilization. 7, dandruff is bad: add anti-dandruff agent. 8, the bubble is not much: adding surfactants. 9 days, metamorphic: forgot to put preservatives, spring, summer, autumn and winter to put, put less summer in winter. : 10, is thinning out off will first, then smell, is a question of bacterial infection. To strengthen the sterilization work production workshop. Can also be used in the process of bacterial infection. 11, consistency almost: adding the right amount of thickening powder. 12, moisturizing and soft bright enough: add moisture soft bright agent. Detergent production factory house, the previous: laundry detergent making machine manufacturers share laundry detergent formulation
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