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Shampoo manufacturers tell you: what to eat is nutrition for hair!

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 shampoo dealers tell you: what to eat nutritious with diet nutrition to the hair hair is the best way, so what to eat is nutrition for hair? Below to introduce you to what you eat can complement hair nutrition. Now will be a classified, have hairdressing effect of food to choose to eat. Fruit class: apricot, mango, lemon, peach, red fruits, black, etc. Dried fruit class: dried apricots, dried mango, raisins, dried persimmon, jujube, sunflower seeds, walnuts, sesame, peanut, dry mulberry Shen, medlar. Vegetables: carrots, amaranth, rape, spinach, coriander, celery leaf, oil bolt, shepherd's purse, etc. 吗? Meat: pork liver, liver, cattle sheep, rabbit liver, chicken, duck, goose, etc. 吗? Lacto-ovo: eggs, duck eggs, egg yolk, egg powder, milk powder, butter, etc. 吗? Aquatic product categories: river snail, oysters, crabs, spiral lions, mussel and so on. 吗? Valley beans, barley, rice, corn, beans, black beans, red bean, lentil, cowpea, etc. 吗? Foods rich in protein, the body of the hair is a kind of keratin protein, daily intake enough protein is good happened to grow up. Fish, meat, eggs, soy, milk, etc. , these foods rich in protein, the gastrointestinal digestion, absorption, can form a variety of amino acids, enter the blood, hair root hair papilla absorption and synthesis of keratin, after keratinization is our hair, so eat what is good to the hair the preferred protein. Foods rich in vitamin B and C: vitamin C can activate the capillary wall, the hair can be smoothly to absorb the nutrients in the blood, while vitamin B can promote hair growth, make the hair to the effect of natural burnish. Usual food, such as malt that are rich in vitamin B and vitamin C, fresh vegetables and fruits to restore health to the hair bright choices have twice the result with half the effort. Hair gloss is due to the function and form of thyroid hormone in the body, and the iodine in kelp is very rich, such elements as the main raw material of thyroid hormone synthesis in the body. In addition, in the kelp also is rich in calcium, sulfur, iron and vitamin B, therefore, often eat kelp, to the hair grow, moist, raven has special effect. Soy products, protein is the base of the hair, but a lot of women for weight loss, often eat a few high protein food, such as meat, eggs, and thus make the hair grows slowly, rare, and soy products are both can complement proteins, and also won't let a person get fat food, so eat what good to the hair also should consider more soy products. Colloid food: food containing pectin can not only increase the toughness of the hair, also is good to maintain skin. Food containing pectin, can very good nourishing hair follicles, as well as nutrition hair, make hair looks more thick, so the colloid food also should be what to eat to the hair good answer! A: what kind of shampoo hair loss? Hair loss problem analyses
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