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Of fluorescent agent in laundry detergent is harmless to the human body

by:Meibao     2020-10-17
Now a lot of laundry detergent are obvious mark do not contain fluorescent agent, recent people also talk about the fluorescent agent, fluorescent agent really that scary? Nanjing jinling high school chemistry teacher Chen Yi, the fluorescent agent for many years, he thinks, for now the fluorescer misunderstandings, led some manufacturers to cater to consumer psychology, said 'do not contain fluorescent whitening agent' in the packing. He said: 'say mainstream experiments showed that no stimulation to the skin, it also can release out through normal metabolism, and is no effect on wound healing, there is no teratogenic, carcinogenic effects. Fluorescent agent in the national standard of danger and security, and salt, and is strict with access standards of eu supplies and JinYongPin didn't put it on. 'At present, our country stipulates that food packaging paper, utensils and equipment used for food use detergent and tableware detergent products, prohibit or restrict the use of fluorescent whitening agent, in the cloth with detergent, is set to allow the use of fluorescent whitening agent varieties, and limit the use of standard, sensory requirements without peculiar smell, physical and chemical indicators is not excessive. Chen said the teacher, excessive use of fluorescent agent may harm, in fact in the process of fluorescent agent production and processing, will be mixed with example of azo dyes, heavy metal exceeds bid will follow, lead to new hazards. Point of view, as long as the standard, the use of fluorescent agent is harmless to human body, we don't have to talk about 'fluorescent agent' color change! But how to make sure strictly in accordance with the standards used, also need the manufacturer and can strictly control quality inspection department. Shampoo equipment laundry detergent next article: parsing - laundry detergent production line equipment - Sterilization deodorization device a: what kind of detergent washing powder production equipment can produce
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