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Making machine and mechanical detergent formula technology advantage

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 machinery is a professional do the detergent production equipment manufacturers, to supply a full set of configuration of equipment and production formula. Our detergent production equipment and formula technology with the advantages of other manufacturers do not have: 1, the formula of phosphorus, safer and more environmentally friendly. 2, contain flame retardant elements, put an end to the combustion hazard. 3, efficient super concentrated, leaving no water mark. 4, effective degreasing, in addition to the shellac, bird droppings, than ordinary detergent effect improved several times. 5, antistatic, can eliminate the charge on the surface of the glass after cleaning, antistatic. 6, efficient anti-freezing, snow, fog, frost prevention, anti glare, can rapid snowmelt melting ice, winter use more secure. 7, add lubricating ingredients, effectively reduce the friction between the wiper and glass, prevent scratches. 8, contain uv absorber, sunscreen, can make the hot sunlight reflection out after use, appropriate to reduce the car rubber plastic ageing. 9, contain a variety of corrosion inhibitor, have very strong corrosion resistance performance. The previous: do not have to buy detergent, can do at home!
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