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Is it convenient for shampoo raw material purchasing?

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
Production shampoo use are very common chemical raw materials, every place of the chemical or chemical stores have sales, wholesale companies and provide local conditions in the contract way recent chemical store address and phone number. In order to make people successful, now will be the biggest dosage of several raw material name and reference price is introduced as follows, in order to convenient for supply situation in the local. 1, liquid detergent, formula of usage is 75%, 90%, ( Making machine with water processor) 。 2, the surfactant: formula of usage 10% - 38%, the market price is: 6000 - 10000 yuan/ton. 3, additives ( Essence and other additives) The market sells 30 - 120 yuan/kg, formula of dosage of 0. 1%. Production conditions of the material: the raw material market all over the country all can buy. Making machine: the company you have your choice, of much money making machine can produce the power on. Venue: ordinary field minimum 15 - 30 square meters. Liquidity: depends on the scale of production. Detergent production factory house, on a piece of: washing supplies, gold start-ups demand
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