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Investment in the detergent production 'asked ten answer'

by:Meibao     2020-10-28
1970 - 01 - 01 about customer investment consulting detergent production of some common problems? Hangzhou detergent equipment manufacturers to summarize investment detergent production 'ask ten answer answer customer problems! Q: how much detergent equipments? Risky? Answer: according to the needs of different customers, we tailor investment plan for the customer! Investment of supplies, the risk is small, big market, very suitable for friends would like to venture. Q: detergent equipment can produce which products? Answer: our detergent equipment can produce: detergent, shampoo, hand sanitizer, shampoo, laundry detergent, detergent and so on dozens of liquid detergent. Q: detergent equipment have any requirements for production? Answer: the demand for space not much, there is water there is electricity, some customers can produce at home! Q: how to install detergent equipment? A: our company production of detergent and equipment need not install, plug-in can be started production, save time and effort! Q: detergent equipment operation will be very complicated? Answer: the operation is very simple, no complicated switch, intelligent control electric box, the production process more safe! Q: what's the advantage of your company production equipment? A: our company's detergent with functions of stirring dispersion and triple water treatment equipment, the main structure adopts 304 stainless steel material, acid-proof alkaline, pipeline emulsion shear production more efficient and centrifugal extrusion, the formation of high frequency mechanical effect, make highly refined raw materials, and water emulsion state formation, the product is more stable. Q: make detergent appearance? A: make products rich foam, degreasing effect is good, clear and transparent appearance, after testing, can reach the national standard. Q: can you provide product packaging and join? A: we can offer to join the service and product packaging, bar code, production license, etc. Q: detergent raw materials good buy? A: can be purchased at major chemical raw material market, some remote areas can also be purchased from our generation, we don't add any fees! Q: detergent market sales? Good sales channels to find? Answer: detergent are just for goods, if necessary, daily consumables to be used! Sales channels are hotels, restaurants, restaurants, leisure clubs, supermarkets, wholesale department, factory and other streets have customers! Q: detergent formulation technology and eagerness to learn? How long will it take to learn? A: studious, general as long as a day to learn all products of the production process. As long as according to our company after many years of accumulation and raw materials formula and order can be! Q: how long will it take to get equipment to the delivery? A: the customer can arrange the logistics delivery within 7 working days after payment! Q: equipment after-sales have safeguard? A: our company produces all equipment warranty for one year, In addition to artificial damage and the factors of force majeure) Q: how do buy detergent equipments for payment? Answer: after customer selected equipment prepaid 50% deposit, equipment to the ballanced amount after the customer seat! A: - washing machine equipment manufacturer - How much washing powder production cost investment
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