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Investment detergent factory upfront costs in what aspects?

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Dishwashing detergent is everybody want to use in daily life, to use every day, every family will use daily consumables. Join the production of detergent home business, less investment, high profit, is a good home business project. As a small family factory equipment investment, simple operation, easy to use, good project is the first choice for small business. So, have a need to invest in small and medium-sized detergent factory? Upfront costs invested in what respect? 1) Detergent production equipment detergent production equipment are in need of realizing automation production, simple operation, easy to use, reduce the cost of human activity, 1 - 2 people can operate. Investors can choose according to own regional market situation and its own financial resources of different models. Detergent production equipment structure determines the quality of the detergent. Detergent equipment is currently on the market by external mechanical forces simply stirring molding equipment. Simply stirring weakness is product is just a temporary dispersion, raw materials short of sufficient dispersion and emulsification, product is easy to produce delamination, precipitation, the phenomenon of bad smell. Currently normal manufacturer all adopt mechanical emulsification process, the motor drives the stainless steel shear emulsifying head, can undertake sufficient emulsification and dissolve the raw material, make product shelf life is long, uniform, uniform color, not stratification, precipitation, fully meet the national requirements of shelf-life. 2) Production of detergent raw material costs detergent formulation content is more than 85% of the water, and water costs are negligible, so the production cost of detergent are very cheap. Cost of detergent: 0. 5 ~ 1. 8 yuan/kg market wholesale price is RMB 1 ~ 3. 5 yuan/kg, calculated on the basis to produce 1000 kg per day, 2 yuan/kg, profits: 1000 kg a day * 2 yuan/kg to 1000 kg * 1 x 2 yuan/kg - 100 yuan/person - 30 yuan ( Water and electricity) = 770 January profits: RMB 770 * 25 days = 19250 yuan/month profits: $19250 = 192500 yuan 3 x 10 months/years) Other marketing cost much detergent sales channels, to shopping malls, supermarkets, wholesale markets, shops, restaurants, canteens, factories, hotels, gear, mass into the rural market, etc. 1 family, hotel, can supply in bulk or large package type, long-term wholesale. 2 purchasing packaging, wholesale to each market, paid after foretaste, also can go to the gate, a farmers' market edge to do experiments, and sales. Improve visibility. 3 to supermarkets and wholesale markets, sales after the first payment, low wholesale price. 4 detergent to the countryside, shop goods to the outlets of villages and towns and villages salesroom generation of sales. 5 pilot sale, go to the gate of comparing experiment, compared with famous brand on the spot effect, first trial, ten days can not satisfied with a refund. Line up with valid documents, ten collection again in the future. Next up: a complete set of detergent production equipment includes an article on what: shampoo formula materials all have what effect?
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