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Introduction to laundry detergent production equipment and the applicable scope of the market

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
For many families, has been from soap to washing powder, and detergent production equipment. So the supermarket shelves, cleaning products accounted for the largest not washing powder, soap is not, but a laundry detergent, various varieties and as many as 20 kinds. According to mall about negative laundry detergent blame others, store the detergent equipment have been promotional activities, to promote family use laundry detergent, making sales soared in detergent equipment, the common laundry detergent on the market generally can be divided into three types: ordinary laundry detergent, high-grade without phosphorus detergent and conceptual laundry detergent. Most of the former price in 30 yuan, high-grade without most of the phosphorus in 40-70 yuan between. And conceptual is laundry detergent production equipment of the most popular at present, on the basis of the original plus a variety of popular consumption concepts, such as antibacterial sterilization, disinfection health, soft and gentle does not hurt the hand, this kind of product price a liter and more than a few yuan. In numerous laundry detergent, housewives are obviously interested in new laundry detergent production equipment more, pay attention to the safety of the use, such as do not stimulate the skin after washing, laundry detergent itself contains skin sex element, etc. However, this kind of product is currently on the market the highest prices. Laundry detergent production equipment scope of application: applicable to all kinds of water to wash clothes, including baby clothes and diapers. Pretreatment of stubborn stains. Can be directly applied on the stain, make prewash processing. Laundry detergent production equipment characteristics and efficacy: it contains double performance of surfactant, jie force strong, can clear the variety of stubborn stains on the clothes. Containing natural soap base in nature softener, laundry, supple double one. The skin test, to ensure that wash clothes is not easy to cause skin sensitive. Detergent powder making machine next article: detergent use explanation and an article on the marketing strategy: washing powder making machine tell you small car maintenance of common sense
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