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Introduce the classification of the washing powder detergent production machine to you

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 detergent production equipment introduced the classification of the washing powder to you detergent production equipment normal detergent and concentrates are divided into type A and type B: type A common washing powder, the powder particles and loose, good solubility, foam is relatively abundant, but relatively weak detergency, not easy to rinse, general suitable for hand washing; Type B is concentrated laundry detergent, this kind of washing powder particles small, density, foam is less, but strong detergency, At least twice as much as the ordinary washing powder) , easy to clean, saving water, generally suitable for machine wash. Some wrong for consumers to think detergent foam, the more the better, in fact how much bubble and detergency there is no direct link. Detergent manufacturing equipment, washing machine, washing powder, small washing powder production equipment, small washing powder machine, small washing powder machine, small washing powder equipment, the latest production equipment, the latest detergent washing powder machine, the latest our detergent washing powder machinery equipment with phosphorus detergent and without phosphorus detergent washing powder is mainly composed of surfactant and detergent builder. The effect of surfactant is to reduce the surface tension of the water, remove stains from clothes. Detergent auxiliary function is combined with calcium and magnesium ions, prevent dirt deposited again, at the same time help to improve the decontamination ability of surfactants. Phosphorus detergent refers to the kind of product with phosphate as the main additives, phosphorus is a kind of nutrient elements, easy to cause environmental water eutrophication, and destruction of water quality, the environmental pollution. No phosphorus detergent is not phosphate as a fertilizer of washing powder, the powder without water quality eutrophication of the shortcomings, is conducive to the aquatic environment protection, vigorously promote the use of part of the province, city at present. Plus enzyme washing powder and flavoring powder and enzyme washing powder is to add a laundry detergent enzyme, spiced washing powder is to add a washing powder flavor. Enzyme is a biological catalyst produced by living cells, specific enzymes to specific dirt removing has special function. Compound enzymes not only can break down all kinds of dirt, have the effect of decontamination, at the same time some of the specific enzymes can kill bacteria, whitening and protecting color brightening effect. Add flavor to make clothes smell while meet the washing effect, make the person feels more comfortable. Spiced detergent types, such as jasmine scent, lemon scent. And add incense to clothing, in addition to bacteria, put clothes static electricity, increase brilliance. Published an article: choose the washing powder tips
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