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Instead of washing liquid cannot be used to wash clothes

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - 01 washing is essential to car maintenance project, because the car is to someone on the road, sooner or later, dirty, like people wearing clothes. Wash the car must be in order to wash away the stain, the light is surely not with water. With what to wash the car, he too has exquisite. Some people in order to covet is cheap, can choose a few not suitable detergent to wash the car. I heard that someone with detergent washing the car, even it is not right. Washing liquid can't use wash clothes instead of washing liquid can't use washing powder, detergent and other things instead. Car although there is no food is clean, but the paint is very vulnerable to injury, either to buy car shampoo, its PH value is not to protect paint corrosion paint, say you nothing, even with moderate PH of clean water are much better than using a substitute for other you. Preliminary after washing the car, and then using washing liquid for cleaning, adjusted the first washing liquid, about 3 caps the washing liquid with water plate. In water dish with a third volume of water, washing fluid mixing fully melted frothing. Will twist dry water, washing mop into car shampoo water using washing liquid for body scrub, if it is a dirty scrubbing position requires more than a few times. Then rinse bubble car body, with a mop to the final again body wash, to clean all the bubbles. Don't think you worked so hard to wipe off the car, and rinse, car is really clean, dry on their own, such as the car is good, if it is really think so, also in order to save time, actually it is better to don't wash, car wash water droplets will stay in the car paint, after the sun will have the effect of a magnifying glass, watering the flowers at noon as the flower burns is a truth, the car paint after burn, will form a water stain is very ugly, so after washing remember it will take. Many people think that just casually take a piece of dry cloth to wipe, actually otherwise. Main know, car body paint is quite fragile things, can not stand any hard objects of friction, so the higher the cotton content in cloth, is relatively soft, the damage is the less. Now in the market have special wash cloth, can buy ready-made. If want to save money, of course, the car can also be replaced with pure cotton cloth. After the previous: use detergent, water can replace?
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