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Industry experts a recruit to teach you to 'see through' laundry detergent

by:Meibao     2020-10-24
On November 23, the 36th ( 2016). China cleaning products industry annual meeting was held in xiamen international conference and exhibition center, our reporter rushed to the scene, in-depth clean mysteries, for you action laundry detergent selection skills. Revelation 1: why do laundry detergent watch function is introduced about the same, but some of the more expensive? ( Laundry detergent laundry detergent production machine laundry detergent patina) The effective components in laundry detergent is mainly actives, content of active matter of largely determines the price of the product. On the market price is more expensive concentrated detergent, for example. China Daily chemical industry research institute wan-xu wang tells a reporter, 'concentrated detergent is improves the effective composition content per unit volume of detergent, resulting in increased unit mass detergent washing effect, reduce the effective filling agent, such as the water in the liquid detergent or solid filler used in detergent, saving the cost of transportation, storage, reduce the use of packing materials. 'In short, is that sometimes we thought with cheap price to buy the big bucket of laundry detergent, worked so hard to carry to go home, but a large part of them are water, these are all inactive ingredients for laundry detergent. Revelation 2: how to choose trust of concentrated detergent? In the face of dazzling brands and products on the market, consumers should be how to choose high quality concentrated detergent? Many friends said they will according to the degree of viscous laundry detergent laundry detergent is high quality, actually otherwise. Field professionals, said the most likely to mislead consumers, is the sticky degree of laundry detergent, 'sticky or not have no direct relation with the content of active matter, but most people feel is more stick more thick, so some low-end products will add appropriate viscous agent, and it is precisely this kind of invalid add material is not easy to rinse, residue easily. Dance 'China cleaning products industry association director zheng hong, for consumers, the most direct recognition method, is through look about. There are strict standards for concentrated detergent countries, 'enrichment +' logo is approved and registered by the trademark office, in accordance with the relevant management rules '+' concentrate laundry detergent signs on behalf of the laundry detergent 45% of the total content of active matter. Sign '+' concentrate laundry detergent, a glass of equal to three cups of graphics, visual display '+' concentrate characteristics of laundry detergent dosage is about one-third that ordinary dosage of laundry detergent. General dosage of concentrated products than ordinary products in half, and part of the '+' concentrate products less dosage, is only a third of ordinary products. In addition, the consumer should also pay attention to take a closer look at the instructions, so as to achieve better washing effect ', wan-xu wang said that the most important thing is that when using concentrated detergent dosage accurately. What is not, as some consumers think 'because the more the better', if excessive use, can cause waste, and not easy to rinse. So consumers should pay attention to when buying concentrate product whether can accurately measuring. To the outside laundry detergent not trust, can also buy their own laundry detergent making machine production itself, safe and assured, mechanical detergent making machine in industry are between total bet. Detergent production factory house, the previous: identification of laundry detergent five skills
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