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Industrial liquid detergent production machine operation problems common in summary!

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
Industrial liquid detergent production machine has entered the field of various industries, industrial liquid detergent to making machine can work normally, it is important for the normal operation of production machine, normal operation is the base that industrial liquid detergent production line chance, a lot of people in the operation of industrial liquid detergent production machine there are a lot of questions, so industrial liquid detergent machine operating common problems: 1, the use of reverse saturated membrane stature: reverse saturated membrane is a set of the most precious of making machine parts, it is full of the length of the relationship to the whole shipment will be the cost of making machine; The use of membrane element normal life spans are more than three years, but on condition that the whole set of making machine matching is reasonable, the operation method is appropriate, the information in a timely manner to replace, clean membrane element according to the timing of the protection. 2 water-quality, conductance rising: making machine every period of record should be carried out timely, such as conductivity is slowly rising, desalination rate in a little bit of reduce is the normal appearance, only on the basis of its conductance rising reason in time to do the corresponding protection; If the conductance of the sudden rise, is to take an examination of the filter element is damaged, raw water quality change big or the failure of some pretreatment, etc. 3, after soaking membrane washing, water quality change is: a and b component is damaged, some pretreatment data are failure 4, washing membrane did not understand when the membrane element is polluted by which species and pollution level, and relative to suit the remedy to the case. 5, system pressure difference is too big: according to different membrane element, system pressure difference should be controlled in a reasonable scope, prevent the formation of the breakage of the membrane element. Detergent production factory house, the previous: car _ to what laundry detergent is the rigid requirement laundry detergent production machine
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