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Identify laundry detergent production equipment production laundry detergent is unqualified

by:Meibao     2020-10-16
For laundry detergent a vast market and so on the market also has a lot of small businesses, small workshops began to follow suit imitation laundry detergent production equipment, the mixed laundry detergent production equipment on the market, the price also differs very far. Some undesirable businessman with inferior detergent production equipment to cheat customer, to make the product look like ordinary laundry detergent, but can be used with detergency not far away. Today give you said how to distinguish the laundry detergent production equipment to produce laundry detergent is qualified. The first point: the appearance, not hierarchical no obvious suspended solids or precipitation, no mechanical impurities of homogeneous liquid. This general all is possible, but some laundry detergent production equipment, manufactured in a laundry detergent to put a few days later will appear statified phenomenon; The second point: the smell, no peculiar smell, conform to the prescribed scent, some small business in the process of production, there is no odor in addition to the process, laundry detergent is composed of all kinds of chemical raw materials production, will have peculiar smell. If not treated, in essence the smell of the pressure down, in the long run is also there will be a peculiar smell; The third point: PH value, this value is very important, some laundry detergent in use burn hand feel, is the PH value is unusual, qualified laundry detergent should be neutral or weak alkaline. Fourth: stability, laundry detergent in 40 ℃ and up and down about 5 ℃ below zero without obvious change is relatively stable laundry detergent; Fifth: active matter, this is a very important index of a laundry detergent, the provisions of the state of active substance is greater than or equal to 15%, and trip to machine wash the supreme laundry detergent actives to greater than or equal to 47%, and the active matter you can use the active matter detector test, less than 15% of active matter of laundry detergent are unqualified products, each year the Ministry of Commerce and industry spot check laundry detergent products, substandard products not qualified majority of active matter. The sixth: detergency, there is also a hard and fast rules for detergency countries, detergency of laundry detergent to greater than or equal to standard laundry detergent detergency.
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