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Grain dry puffing powder making machine completed, export of Guyana

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
On May 25, 1995, zhejiang province won the domestic first small washing powder making machine national patent; On March 2, 1996, won the domestic the first liquid detergent production machine national patents, throughout the washing product market development history, is a technical change, quality, market upheaval. 2010 years ago, due to the quality of the domestic washing powder quality and consumer awareness is still in the stage of superficial, then washing powder detergents have consumption demand, as long as the big production of semi-finished products of washing powder with several kinds of raw material, made of simple mixing machine mixing can be sold to make money, but as customer's quality requirements improve market since 2008, the traditional way of washing powder detergent processing has great change, also only washing powder production by up to 20 meters and high temperature over 300 degrees and investing in more than 800000 tower spray washing powder making machine, can truly make a low cost high quality household washing powder particles, otherwise, if they continue to buy metal semi-finished products after using simple blender mixing production because of the high cost of poor quality lose everything. In march of this year, Guyana order all the way to China tower spray particle washing powder making machine, four months, from making machine design to make machining factory, final acceptance of qualified acceptance.
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