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Experts explain how baby clothes to wash washing products

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
Baby wash can clean with adults? To this problem the following Po 'one by one answer: laundry products experts noted that due to the human body skin weak acid, especially the 0 3, special and delicate baby skin, and adult detergent in not only contain a chemical that much more special, such as phosphorus, but also present weak alkaline, so easy to residual chemicals in baby clothing, and then penetrate into the baby's skin, damage the skin; Due to wash out of clothing not soft, easy to baby's delicate skin friction, serious still can appear rash skin diseases, such as baby so clean is you need to separate from the adults. Baby detergent in how to choose? Clothes washing product expert proposal, choose neutral, gentle, a chemical synthesis, no stimulation, no residues of baby's special washing agent. Because baby low resistance is weak, vulnerable to bacteria, such as mite bug enroach on, gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea, appear easily allergic diseases. Jia liana baby soft laundry detergent, specially designed for baby clothes, contains no bleach, no phosphorus and aluminium formula, effectively remove the baby milk stains on clothing, perspiration, and dirt on the diapers, effectively reduce bacterial growth; No residues and mild nature, clean Yu Baobao clothing, baby skin will not cause any stimulus; Which also added natural plant soft ingredients, make clothing, natural elastic, will not damage clothing fibers, suitable for hand washing machine wash. Sunshine is also is a natural antiseptic disinfectant, no side effects, also not economic investment. So, enjoy sunshine, clothing is not exceptional also, baby clothes, after cleaning can be placed in the sun a sun. Even only wear a, children's clothes can also go through washing, dry process back into the closet, not through the clothes and clean clothes. Inside the wardrobe should also be divided into underwear and coat, it is better to clean the bag to receive underwear to keep health. Children's clothing refused to use a bag, because the closed are the bane of mould. The clothes need to breathe freely. You can use the cloth to receive a bag to receive the baby clothes. If children didn't wear a few months, some clothes to wear before must let them enjoy the sun bath, let sunshine away moisture and bacteria on the clothes. Laundry detergent production equipment: next article washing powder equipment production of washing powder on hands? A: the prospect of development of laundry detergent
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