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Excuse me, how to identify the detergent production machine to join scam?

by:Meibao     2020-10-23
Eye check ~ let the cheater nowhere to hide! Through your third eye chakra authenticity check enterprise, the boss, let you little detours. Recently, every day contact with some entrepreneurs since joining scam fool because of failure, it is not difficult to find that is caused by the following reasons. Entrepreneurs failure reasons: 1, weak economic foundation, less money, covet is cheap fool quality; 2, buy products only focus on price, ignored the merchants economic strength, physical plant scale, technology, the importance of soft power; 3, don't know how to distinguish fake 3 without making machine and gb professional level differences between the products affects the sense of the ultimate product quality; 4, do not know choose to cooperate with the fledgling company because of its products and the basic reason of the technology is immature penny wise and pound foolish; 5, don't know how to respect knowledge and professional talent and creative scientific and technological achievements, industry experts as technical machine-made, ignore technology is one of the few people hold, skill is the most people understand the principle, confusion of normal labor force and science and technology is the concept of productivity; 6, mistaken for good product produced in big cities, has neglected the big cities because of the state environmental protection measures have already there is no noise or pollution of polluting factories, machinery processing of truth; 7, ignored the franchisees are almost all big cities do not have their production qualification is only agent for the sale of others instead of product price higher truth; 8, do not know out whether the manufacturer has the environmental protection department approval of eia qualification, do not know the productive franchisees without eia qualification is the reason of 3 without the product, do not know to buy 3 without the product after return cannot obtain the legal production qualification of truth; Joining fraud, fraud prevention experience: it is difficult to set up time in more than 20 years of substantive company or factory, join scam notting have is not happen in the near the new entity; To sum up, although entrepreneurship choice seems to be difficult, as long as see the world on the basis of the above standard, you will find that the right choice is very simple! Detergent production factory house, the previous: laundry detergent ingredient?
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