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Environmental protection non-stop, detergent market not dried up!

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 gradually stable economic development situation, the country is increasingly valued on environmental protection, environmental protection products are rapidly developed over the last two years. Washing powder is promote the development of environmental policies and for future generations in China to create the important product under the environment of the blue sky in the daytime. Stable economic development, the road car, van, diesel is more, the discharge of tail gas to the atmosphere caused serious influence, liquid detergent as automobile tail gas treatment, can effectively solve the problem of exhaust emission of nitrogen oxides, efficient do environmental protection effect. Frequent, the current in the national environmental policy focus on environmental protection of the nation's big situation, under the big wave, the detergent market is rising, the national environmental protection, strict on 'pollution party, under the trend of washing powder to shoulder the historical task, making comprehensive supply, stability, security market demand for the national environmental protection strategy, provide product guarantee and environmental protection work. As countries to pay more and more attention to environmental protection, washing powder will go a long way, for the following reasons: automobile exhaust emission standard is higher and higher, the standard is more and more severe, the four standards introduced a few years, will soon be launched five car standards, the key is from January 1, 2018 to implement the five standards, the implementation and the six car standard is said to have 2020, that will be greatly open washing powder. With the continuous development of today's society, detergent industries are constantly expanding, as a latecomer, now gradually recognized by the market, in the environmental protection industry also occupies the important position in the market, believe that in the future soon, detergent market will also be leading market of environmental protection as the dominant industry. An article on washing powder production equipment: car urea production equipment manufacturers take you understand the use of urea note!
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