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Entrepreneurship trap truth - large survey What a mess like false honor

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
MEDALS, certificates, RongYuPai had been intended to set a typical example, honor motivation is advanced, stimulate the sense of honor, boost morale, is the social or unit of work on the company performance, the academic research achievements certainly praise. However, some businesses were caught a few adverse psychology such as vanity, to produce false honor badge and through the network, WeChat friends on marketing channels, etc. If can buy medal, honor will be 'devaluation'. People often say that there is demand there is market. Many companies want to improve reputation, but always want to get a 'shortcut' walk 'given', do not raise their gold content, especially serious in Japan making machine industry, largely and encouraging the false honor 'the market' chaos. Making false honor 'merchants' quantity many, they openly published online advertising, advertising promotion. Some merchants even also provides services to 'private' service, as long as the cost in place, types of honor 'everything,' name 'bag' of honor. When searching for 'private tailored enterprise honorary certificate', the top of many of them do the advertising company, and the business scope is quite wide, 'series of ISO certification, AAA credit/credit certification, product certification test report, trademark right, patent application, high safety standard certification, information security operational qualification, the industry enterprise qualification' and so on. But when further understand these companies and related honor, will find strange holes. Just went into the various projects to join cheater company, you will find a lot of honor certificates plaque on the wall, in fact, these so-called certificate of plaques are the Academy Awards are fictional some illegal units, with hundreds of thousands of yuan yuan price sold to join liar project, the project to join cheats use these false certificate of plaque low cultural quality of the temptation to not see life ordinary entrepreneurs to join, according to incomplete statistics, Beijing, wuhan, shandong, zhejiang and other places to join cheats use this kind of false certificate to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to be deceived. Expose detergent tablet laundry detergent washing powder making machine join liar false certificate, entrepreneurs encounter this kind of production factory house, must be highly vigilant. It is best to view the eia qualification of enterprise and products production license, don't be false honor plaque blind the eyes. Has to be deceived, resulting in unnecessary loss. Special remind: only the state Patent Office, the state trademark office and local people's government and local environmental protection bureau certificate issued by the functional departments such as legal and valid. If you find that joining the functions of the unit on the wall hang non-governmental certificate of plaque, the unit must be join liar project, to join the cheater real-name reporting local market supervision and administration.
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