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Consumers to purchase winter washing powder making machine, how to don't fall into the merchants trap?

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 winter antifreeze washing powder equipment products in the market is multifarious, quality is uneven. Many drivers friends contact washing powder (the first year Washing powder equipment) , thus basically is no discrimination, a bit not careful merchants will fall into the trap, mechanical according to their own experience, summarize several aspects, for customers reference only. Trap 1. Ordinary washing powder, play on 25° Or - 35° Deceive consumers directly, this is a kind of basic in the cold area, sold to consumers cold area, with predictable results. This kind of product basic price is 5 - compared with the ordinary washing powder 10 yuan/barrel. Trap 2. Individual commercial production of ethanol or ethylene glycol preparation antifreeze type washing powder, so as to achieve the purpose of antifreeze. Everyone know that ethanol is widely used in detergent, because ethanol is fast volatile; Ethylene glycol used to make the engine cooling fluid, using its under certain conditions, the characteristics of higher concentration of freezing point depression. Ethanol belongs to flammable and explosive substances, vehicle exhaust pipe work at high temperatures, if ethanol concentration is too high will cause damage to the exhaust pipe; Ethylene glycol under the condition of a certain temperature produces acids substances, can cause corrosion to the exhaust pipe and make the leakage. Washing powder production equipment detergent washing powder processing equipment trap 3. Individual has the character of lower freezing point after the water soluble salts material, businessmen use this feature to make detergent solution, but ignore the effect of reducing exhaust. In order to meet the needs of market and the winter, machinery in the supply of national standard washing powder at the same time, successfully developed a low temperature, cryogenic series products; And meet mass production conditions, for SCR system no longer afraid of the cold winter, the effective prevention of urea tank, pipe and pump body due to the damage of ultra-low temperature under the condition of ultra-low temperature, vehicle can get around the whole cold areas ( Such as: xinjiang, northeast cold region) 。 In an article: 'let the people away from the tail gas pollution' is the purpose of washing powder production equipment
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