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Consumers choose detergent should know some pitfalls

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 consumers choose detergent should know some misconceptions about China cleaning products industry association to remind: don't trust the content of the confused now go to the supermarket catharsis things area, you will find many washing supplies, sheet is washing powder, and presence of phosphor powder, concentrated powder, low foam powder, enzymatic powder, etc. Pumped up at present appeared many contents, such as magic particles, such as stain bane, the beautiful name. China cleaning products industry association, told the reporters, select detergent learned, not to be blinded by magic word appearance. 5% of the surveyed products do not meet the national standard, including some famous brands. Compared with the previous findings, washing powder product quality is obviously decline trend. So many types and brands on the market detergent what is different, and how should we choose? China cleaning products industry association secretary-general, said zheng hong, secretary-general of the dance, choose detergent must first see ingredients, detergent mainly has several major components, the active ingredient, help wash the composition, the buffer composition, synergistic components, auxiliary components. This a few big components work together. Active ingredient is plays a main role in detergent ingredients, according to the types of surfactant used and product categories, the amount of active ingredients in the detergent generally shall not be less than 13%. Because a lot of surface active agent has strong foaming ability, many consumers based on their past experience, according to the washing powder soluble in water after the foaming situation to judge the merits of the washing powder. This is often unreliable. A: detergent production equipment: analysis of detergent production equipment and detergent raw materials for you
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