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Concentrated laundry detergent is not necessarily better than ordinary laundry detergent

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
Recently, the China consumers' association for 59 of washing powder and detergent goods sells on the market on the basis of the comparison test. 30 59 samples, washing powder samples, including eight for concentrated; Laundry detergent samples 29, including 6 paragraph is concentrated. The express washing detergent powder samples most range is cotton, linen, chemical fiber and blended fabric, not including silk, fur clothing; Is the scope of most express laundry detergent sample washing cotton, hemp, silk, wool and other clothing. Comparative experiments found that individual laundry product free alkali content on the high side, possible damage to clothes. Fabric stains generally display for acid, need in alkaline environment go down, so the usual detergent washing powder often add a certain amount of alkaline substances, in particular, while too alkaline may damage the fabric, or even cause harm to the user's skin, the PH and free alkali so detergent needs to control below a certain threshold. PH test of 30 samples in a reasonable range, but there are 4 concentrated detergent powder samples free alkali content on the high side. China consumer association reminds, when washing powder and detergent products of choose and buy, should pay attention to the following four aspects: see the product packaging design is clear and no the phenomenon of deinking. At the same time, pay close attention to product specific components, especially the description of the synergistic ingredients, such as enzyme preparation, bleach, the use of these synergistic ingredients often determines the quality difference between detergent. Most concentrated detergent powder sample dissolving effect is inferior to ordinary washing powder. Washing powder dissolves, filtering through the use of the suction filter device, calculate the rest after washing powder dissolved particles. Washing powder insoluble particles may still stay on the clothes after washing. Clothing material is qualitative different, choose detergent should be different, ZhuanPin dedicated. General detergent on the packaging of washing using range and objects have certain specifications. Most of the washing powder is not suitable for washing silk, wool clothing, wash the clothes should be detergent. Stain for special parts, such as collar and cuffs, difficult to go where stains can use washing in advance, or use clothing pretreatment agent ( Such as collar net, clean, etc. ) Apply in advance; For special material of the clothing, such as silk, cashmere, easy to damage the fabric appropriate USES light scale of neutral detergent ( Such as silk net) 。 Next article: after wash down jacket to keep 'watermark' on how to solve a: detergent encyclopedic knowledge: how to properly use the detergent?
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