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Common problems and solutions in detergent production - - Exclusive analysis and guidance!

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 for quite a few people early contact with detergent production and in detergent, shampoo, shower gel, laundry detergent and washing supplies production or more or less will have the following questions, we here today hangzhou machinery co. , LTD listed are analyzed to solve one by one to you. Turbid: the first is the detergent products appearance of turbidity in room temperature 15 - refers to the products 25 degrees Celsius storage, appear opaque or emulsion appearance, this phenomenon is more impurities as raw material, water quality is unqualified or unreasonable product formula and other factors. The solution: use qualified raw material; Use qualified deionized water or add water chelating agent; Optimize the structure of the product formula; The second: detergent stratified precipitation: detergent in the bottom of the warranty period appear statified phenomenon or produce precipitation, most because of soluble mixed thoroughly; Water quality is unqualified or the structure is not reasonable. The solution is: to ensure uniform dissolve the mixture thoroughly, increase water using chelating agent qualified water processor. The third detergent appearance color: is mainly due to the long time stored in & gt; 35 degrees high temperature environment; Again after one is the product production, colour and lustre is deepened in the short term, the last is color deepened along with the temperature tender. The solution is: the first is to avoid heat and direct sunlight for a long time. The second is the metal ions into the production system, metal ion chelating agent to be raised. The third is the microbes to exceed bid. The detergent changing and odor: detergent odoour odor or generally refers to the inadequate filling system when cleaning. Need to clean up before replacement of varieties, washing filling system, for some scent, in production, can use a moderate amount of increase dosage of variety essence, after cover the residual characteristic odour. Microbial overweight cause odor products. Does not change significantly in a short period of time, the outward appearance, the system of surface active substance content in basic remain unchanged; With extended time, the effective content of can significantly reduce, exterior colour and lustre is deepening. The last point is the detergent low viscosity. Under normal circumstances, the viscosity of the detergent and system of the effective content of inorganic salt thickening addition amount and temperature. Effective content is high, the thickening agent to add large amount, low temperature, viscosity, Effective content of low, unreasonable structure of formula, or the amount of inorganic salt thickening, high temperature can cause lower viscosity. Temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius, catharsis things will show the viscosity decreased obviously. Above the editorial from detergent formulation of hangzhou machinery co. , LTD. , for reprint please indicate the source! The previous: washing powder production equipment manufacturers see small washing powder production equipment
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