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Choose the washing powder tips

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 published pick washing powder tips first of all, is to choose to have formal manufacturers, in the normal circulation channel sales of products, to avoid buying counterfeit or shoddy products; Second, look at the appearance, packing sound, secure seal leakage powder, white powder, Color powder should be uniform, but preferably buy white powder) Flip back and forth, washing powder bag should be able to feel the product flow freely without aggregation; Pumped up again, see that, do not want credulous content, such as magic particles, such as stain bane, the beautiful name. Pay attention to whether there are specific components, especially the description of the synergistic ingredients, such as enzyme preparation, bleach; The use of these synergistic ingredients often determines the quality difference between washing powder. In addition, with enzyme washing powder without enzyme washing powder is obviously better than the overall quality. In a word, don't blindly pursuing the so-called price, the most expensive brand not best washing effect. Consumers facing the choice of a wide range of cleaning products. Pick an article: consumers in detergent should know some pitfalls
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