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Catharsis things small investment is the first choice for you

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 detergent production equipment: catharsis things small investment is your preferred washing supplies advantage one: the market is huge, Andersen never dried up the world famous American investment consultants come to the conclusion that the laws of the big four, which is a big market in the first place, the choice of project, the product must have enough big market capacity. And washing supplies since the birth of human as human accepted the indissoluble bond, has a long history. Today, washing supplies is closely connected with human, be necessary to use every day, every everyday items, according to the national light industry bureau of statistics, national civil, commercial, industrial washing supplies monthly total of more than 300 million kilograms! The dosage of big bore mesh tongue tie! The philosopher said: 'when people don't wear clothes, washing powder, there is no market. 'said:' when invented disposable clothes or disposable clothing, washing powder disappeared. 'economist, said:' in human history, in addition to food, never had any a commodity like cleaning products have such a huge market, such a huge consumption, so strong vitality! 'not only visible, washing supplies market is huge, and never dried up! ! ! ! And catharsis things belong to easy 秏 product, cannot be recycled, the buying cycle is short, fast, effective we invest in a great market, never dried up, of course, it is easier to success! Rich advantages 2: profits and high returns for many years, washing supplies of profits in the ordinary people has always been a mystery, so the procter & gamble's supremacy, and in recent years, as more and more people know this profiteering industry, more and more people begin to enter washing industry, appeared a lot of good local brand, 'overlord' is one of them, why washing supplies will have such a high profit? Because of washing supplies what ingredients are water, sell with is equivalent to sell water washing, profit of 200% to 1000%, so by zhejiang people say 'shampoo wealth. In our country, on average, each county town, about 30 average town population is about 30000 yuan, and cleaning products is required by the per person per day, even if the average monthly in catharsis things everyone used to earn $2, a town of catharsis things each month profit space of up to 60000 yuan. According to authoritative statistics, in cleaning products market in the country, the national famous brand accounted for 40%, local brands accounted for 20%, 40% (with a less known and inferior brand The higher share of 50% in the countryside a less known and inferior brand) According to the analysis, to avoid brand, a less known and inferior brand market town every month also have 30000 yuan or so, and that is the most conservative estimate of the market. Three advantages: simple operation, for young and old for such a profitable project, a lot of friends might think operation process is very complex, even need profound knowledge of chemical engineering, actually otherwise, the whole production process, producers have to do is according to the formula with good material, boot according to certain order to add material to the machine, is very simple, as long as you have a normal IQ, so you will be able to operate the project, not affected by age, education, gender, until to learn this. With free marketing training courses, but also share many professional marketing teacher heart, and the successful experience of students, let investors little detours, and then quickly on the right track. Detergent equipment occupy the market, of course, is an essential process, need a long company can only let you shorten the process to 3, 5 months, can't make you rich overnight, this is any legitimate businesses cannot do. A: analysis investment catharsis things profits
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