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Can make laundry detergent in moderation effect is better

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Washing machine washing effect is often depends on the role of detergent wash to achieve the best effect, but how to wash the cleanest, people often are not very understand. Now there are many users will think, put washing powder, the more the more clean clothes washed. But in fact is not the case, the following is to teach people a more clean clothes tips: according to the material of clothes to choose to use what kind of washing powder. Had better choose synthetic washing powder, such as low foam or no bubble washing powder is better. Synthetic detergent roughly divided into neutral and weak alkaline and strong alkaline three. In silk, wool fabric washing, washing powder equipment with a neutral or weak alkaline advisable; When washing oil is more cotton and linen fabrics, with strong alkaline best; When washing with patches, such as blood, oil, clothing, can be used with enzyme washing powder; When washing with rust fabrics, appropriate chooses detergent containing sodium borate. Should make washing powder melting first. Such as the water temperature is too low, the washing machine is difficult to melt washing powder, forming a small lump, can use first a small amount of warm water to make it all ablation is about 30 ℃. Such as clothes are dirty, available 40 ℃, 50 ℃ warm water washing. The amount of laundry detergent to appropriate. Excessive dosage of washing powder, wasteful and not easy to rinse clean. Too little dosage, less washing effect. Finally, in the best clothes soaking, before starting the very dirty clothes part, should be hand wash rub, and then it is advisable to machine wash. Next up: why so busy on a production of laundry detergent industry: rumors disclosure: long-term use of detergent will be harmful to your health
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