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Analyze investment catharsis things profits

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 washing powder production equipment: analysis of investment profit catharsis things catharsis things cheap, profitable this unit development of laundry detergent formulation, including: super concentrated, high swelling, phosphorus, phosphorus, whitening, flavoring, high and low bubble type washing powder and detergent, shampoo 'shower gel and other washing technology. In washing powder for columns, produce 500 grams of washing powder, costs about 0. 9 yuan, ex-factory price is 3 yuan, can earn 1 per pack. 5 yuan. Shampoo cost: 500 ml cost 0. 82 yuan, the market price of bulk 4 - 6 yuan/kg. Analysis of marketing: the potential is enormous and rich or poor, regardless of men, women and children in our lives, all the year round, in cold winter hot summer or in the spring and autumn season, almost no one believes is don't need to use detergent, shampoo, detergent, markets don't have any time, area, the limitation of the crowd, so you can be sure that the washing chemical products are all small investment in the project so far, the largest market of the project. 21 every county in our country. Six towns, 600000 people. With an average consumption per month a kilo of washing supplies ( Shampoo, detergent, detergent, shower gel) Combined, a township per month is 600000 jins, including brand products account for 60% of the market, in a town you have 40% in theory, namely 240000 yuan cleaning products market space. One yuan per kilogram products earn, you can easily earn 240000 yuan a month. But note that this is only theory of Numbers, if you have other investors to get ahead, but if the quality of your product or many other factors. Maybe, it's hard to fully occupies one town 40% of the market. On the contrary, if you well-run, washing powder equipment quality is reliable, affordable, squeeze out the famous brand products in the local scope ( Actually not difficult also, my company provide free sales package) Your profit is far more than 240000 yuan. The previous mechanical equipment manufacturer about manufacture detergent
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