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After wash down jacket to keep 'watermark' how to solve

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
In the washing industry, many peers in washing down jacket will have a common problem - — After washing 'watermark'. Sometimes to return to wash a few times to remove clean, work, time-consuming and laborious. This problem bothering many washing practitioners, especially peers just shortly into the line. Clothes back to wash or decrease as far as possible to return the number of washing, because every increase in return for increasing cost, it also means increased risk. One, the most down jacket of chemical fiber fabrics, with polyester and polyamide fiber ( Or terylene, kam cotton blended etc. ) In the majority. This kind of fabric, the structure is tight, floods, poor permeability. It was also because of this structure, in order to have the effect of wind to keep warm, but it is also so, down jacket not drowned after washing net, moisture and volatile slower, easy to produce 'watermark'. Second, at present, with more down jacket with no coating, coating has internal coating. Due to the coated cover, moisture volatilizes slower, and uneven, it is easier to form 'watermark'. Third, fake and inferior products caused due to some reasons such as low-grade, informal manufacturers produce fake and inferior products to causes such as the 'watermark' more difficult to eradicate. This kind of product of filler ( Down) Without degreasing process, once after washing, feather fat will seep out, even after repeated washing, still can't completely clean 'watermark'. If you meet both wash not clean and send out a stink, more headache for practitioners, also easy to cause washing disputes. How to reduce or avoid 'watermark'? A, washing with water temperature: wash down jacket water ( Scrub or machine) At 40 °, under the water temperature, washing detergent is easier to play the effect. Many said the dirt or grease on the down jacket is washed thoroughly, the main reason is that the temperature is not enough, of course, detergent or scouring agent effect is also an important reason. Quality: using soft water washing. Because in a hard water quality, the formation of calcium soap dirt will produce more pollution. Calcium soap once attached on a down jacket, not only can form 'watermark', also hard to wash thoroughly. So how to soft water system? In a hard water quality, it is recommended that you 'water', is to place the water in a large container, add a little soda in water or sodium hexametaphosphate, let stand for one night. The next day using softened water wash down jacket, how much cost does not increase, but the effect will be relatively more obvious increase. Water: water form 'watermark' approximately two reasons. One is washing water temperature is higher than the temperature of the water a lot. Such as: when catharsis, in order to increase the rate of washing, use the water of 40 °, and the water use for 20 °, and even lower water temperature. Thus reduce coats the solubility of the detergent suddenly, due to the down jacket with poor permeability, not precipitation detergent will remain inside the clothes, such as dry when would be a so-called 'watermark'. Second, excessive dosage of detergent, water is not complete, a lot of detergent residues in clothes. Three, overly acidic: down jacket after in clean water, should do acid treatment. Can generally last a rinse water in glacial acetic acid. Because, gentle, glacial acetic acid and color with the fabric almost no damage, can also neutralize the residual alkali in down jacket, so as to prevent the happening of the 'watermark'. Some colleagues will use acid neutralization, generally speaking, acid neutralization is used in linen washing. Also can be used for down jacket, but must understand the nature of the acid neutralization is suitable for use in a down jacket, before use, good contact manufacturer, to consult, to ensure that the correct. If is a family, you can use white vinegar, but be careful, fluffy class very afraid of acid. Four, detergent many of his peers are fond of using foam detergent are abundant, think bubble washed clean, bubble is less detergent is bad, can't wash clean clothes. In fact this is a mistake, the stand or fall of detergent is not measured by how much bubble, but decided by detergent formulation and effective components. Wash down jacket, recommends using low foam neutral detergent, due to low foam, is easier, rinse. If it is a scrub, you can consider the following formula: washing powder, emulsifier and soap, better detergency, and less bubble. This recipe in a hard water quality should be noted that better use soft water, the water quality is hard and if without softening, res soap. In a word, when washing down jacket, as long as the good water quality, water sufficient, after acid wash, using low foam neutral detergent washing, general won't appear after washing the phenomenon of 'watermark'. Some colleagues often use oil in the wake of a 'watermark', four methods of chlorine, warm water to wipe, effect although there is a, if there is a 'watermark' clothes is more, in this way, the workload is too big, actually still adopt relatively thorough cleaning solution as well. Sometimes, some methods and we continuously explore, to summarize. Appear problem, the first thing to consider is what reason is caused, found the cause, also can find the corresponding prevention measures, if blindly said 'watermark' appears after the wash, but for what reason is caused, in which the process is not clear, it is hard to wash clothes. Next article: why more and more people use the laundry detergent? 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