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A thank-you note from the customer - — To Mabel

by:Meibao     2020-10-16
Recently, the company received a thank-you note from the xx company in South America, hereby thank my company for its design and construction of 40 tons solid paohuajian production line. This is a great encouragement to us and push. Thank-you note content is as follows: hello: Mabel staff leave at 7 o 'clock this morning, I want to thank you for your staff work and efforts, thank you for your professionalism in building stove. They are all very good people, also thank you for your help in this process, this process was impeccable, no significant problems. Thank you very much Mr Tong and Mr Wood, we are in contact, for future projects, I have other projects to do. In another E-mail I sent you two video about the stove, I hope to provide encouragement for their excellent work. If other countries clients to visit our factory, we are happy to receive. Greetings!
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