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A small set of washing powder production line production confidential how much investment

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 a small set of how much washing powder production line equipment investment, as long as 5100 yuan a, really just so much, because we are direct manufacturers, no middlemen to profit, so we are friends of the savings to the customer directly, specific details can be consulting our staff, 5100 yuan inside contains two machines, one is the production of washing powder, is a seal of washing powder bag, cottage industry with the two can do the small-scale production, if you want to automate a bit, can also add other equipment. Small washing powder production machinery which is strong, hangzhou big, 20 years professional washing powder machinery production and sales of seniority, attentively complete each machinery and equipment is our highest aim, this company not only production and sales of washing powder production machinery, but also provide free washing powder production formula and process, solve the problem of mechanical but didn't you have. Horizontal stainless steel powder production equipment, adopt international advanced technology, using 304 stainless steel, the power supply of 220 v, 380 v, the capacity of 25 l, 200 l, 300 l, 500 l, 1000 l, size can be customized choice or by the customer, equipment features: 2. 2千瓦,4千瓦,7。 5 kw motor drive, power, production speed. AES, sulfonic acid, can be, AEO - 6501 9 higher viscosity of liquid materials such as atomized spray into products, with the hob type spiral impeller, the agglomeration molding to make powder, liquid materials mixed more fully and more uniform, completely solve the so-called agglomeration molding equipment on the market power of small, Only 0. 75千瓦) Uneven, mixing, make the product is formed. Can be produced at the same time such as washing powder, washing powder, degreasing powder powder products, is currently the first choice of small and medium-sized washing powder processing enterprises! Machinery factory to provide the washing powder production equipment, many years ago by southeast Asia favoured by small washing enterprises. After ten years of continuous improvement, has been upgraded to intelligent integral structure of the machine, do not need to make any debugging, the equipment arriving home installation, plug in the power supply can be normal production, equipment covers an area of 1-5 square meters, no pollution and the 'three wastes' emissions, noise is less than 60 decibels, ( Equivalent to a normal voices) , even in the residential area or detached wing production inside the room, also do not affect others. Durable equipment, the use of 220 v / 380 v power supply, can work continuously. Washing supplies, cleaning products market huge consumer market, consumption potential, deep and broad prospects, careful analysis, has the following several characteristics. A consumer widely in life, there is no product like cleaning products are frequently used, possess a wide range of consumer market, every family use, everyone use, face and hands, wash clothes, wash tools, wash the sheets, wash bedding, kitchen utensils and appliances, suitable for daily necessities of life, need to be washed. From family to units, from the hotel to the laundry, from residential to commercial. From a personal use collective use. XiDiPin role and that's that permeates the life of each place. Second, consumption frequency of XiDiPin density, far higher than other commodities, is not to be used everyday, but used multiple times a day, repeatedly used at a time, one cannot leave early, to use anywhere. Three is sales rapidly due to the use of frequent, lead to XiDiPin sales cycle is short, fast loading, don't say supermarkets, stores, is to put a small stalls, goods are in short supply. Four is huge capacity by more than three, constitute a fourth, huge market capacity. China has a population of 1. 5 billion, four hundred million families, on average, a family consumption, according to at least 100 yuan a year is 40 billion yuan market. Common saying says: the back is great trees are good for nothing but shade. Relying on the abundant market, the business will do better, this is the most simple truth. Five is updated quickly formula listed rate faster, than the original XiDiPin is more efficient, more economical, more efficient, therefore, quickly accepted by the broad masses of consumers. Good product is effective. A: return on investment, detergent, detergent industry profit dialysis
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