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A detergent factory can make money

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Careful friends in daily life will find some cars have to add some called detergent products, and in some gas stations, 4 s shop, garage, car service station of the cart will find it in areas such as the figure, then what is it? What is the role? Liquid detergent and diesel exhaust processing, automobile, environmental protection, such as urea, urea solution, is to reduce diesel engine exhaust emissions of nitrogen oxides pollutants, main ingredients for urea and water, and some people will think that urea and water blending, since it is that some drivers themselves blending in not to go, need to buy? This is not the case, however, the concentration of detergent is 32. 5% of urea, and 67. 5% of the water and added to the precise modulation, and the water is processed of pure water, so the modulation ratio, urea, water purity cleanliness these three points is the key of the detergent is qualified. Many truck driver friend will have post-processing system crystallization of trouble, and that is the problem with inferior urea liquid. Since countries four/five standards promulgated after the execution, SCR, Selective catalytic reduction) Has become an essential component of the heavy duty diesel trucks, and follow the mandatory implementation of the six emission standard 2020, for the relevant departments to handle more and more strict, became SCR must additives and washing powder, so the market began to demand for washing powder is more and more big, has entered the high-speed development period. Of laundry detergent market? Washing powder is a large market and consumption, belongs to common chemical consumables, the current domestic emissions of diesel engine is in line with the four five cars, buses, trucks, buses, and the oil, gas stations, car service station, cart 4 s shop, garage, logistics park, transport fleet, gas stations, bus, bus, lubricating oil companies are needed in areas such as the washing powder. Need to how much washing powder production cost? We come into a calculation, such as: a large truck one day to burn 100 l diesel, a month to burn 2000 l ( 20 working days) Urea solution, according to 5% 7% to 500 vehicles a month is only 50000 l urea solution, both 50 tons of sales is very considerable. Take a look at our washing powder making machine investment: costs - washing powder - — 3. 5 yuan + liquid 7 yuan + label, artificial, electricity, a total of 1. 5 yuan = a total of 12 yuan, the finished detergent wholesale price per barrel 22 yuan, profit is 10 yuan per barrel, a ton of urea is 100 barrels, and profit is 1000 yuan per ton, the most basic making machine work 8 hours a day, can produce four tons, profit is 4000 yuan. Need to how much washing powder production cost? Washing powder production machine, ten thousand yuan can start small-scale production, washing powder production machine operation is simple to use and multi-usage, very suitable for personal or family entrepreneurs. Only need you rent a flat 20 sites, no pollution, no danger, one person can operate. Manufacturer direct production, sales, unified distribution of publicity materials, support the brand licensing, product order support! Fully support! Help your factory carefree! Need to how much washing powder production cost? We making machine adopts advanced assembly line, from the raw material, production, automatic filling, sealing packing product sales, a line homework, making machine from large, medium-sized, small, making machine is complete, can satisfy the needs of customers for factory. A set of production making machine can produce a variety of automotive supplies.
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