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99 public welfare, 'lei feng public line' live preview

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Lei feng's spirit never go out of style, the study lei feng's spirit is the main melody of civilized society, in the new era of our heritage and carry forward the lei feng's spirit. Learning lei feng's spirit, should abandon the deliberate act, and to advocate and practice natural behavior. 99 public welfare, 'lei feng the public line' we sincerely invite you to attend. Live theme on September 8, 2020 at 8 PM, Wang Xianjun researcher live as a guest, with: I am in the new era, the new lei feng, the public welfare, young first, as the theme to carry out a special live events, presents a deep thought to share in the field of public welfare event and breaks through the traditional mode of thinking, widely carry forward lei feng's spirit, explore the kernel of lei feng's spirit. The host: zhejiang co. , LTD. , zhejiang biological technology co. , LTD. Live guests: Wang Xianjun researcher, graduated from Beijing university of science and technology, graduate student, researcher at the title, is mainly engaged in chemical products making machine and technology research and development, washing products r&d and production, disinfectant products, cosmetic products, health care products research and development production, so far, won the 100 items of all kinds of national patent products and technologies, enjoy the ministry of environmental protection pollution-free washing products and technology innovation fund, the current co. , LTD. , zhejiang province and zhejiang province biological technology co. , LTD. General manager. Access methods: scanning to identify the qr code below into the studio and the public line together!
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