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by:Meibao     2020-10-17
The function of the commercial laundry detergent is given priority to with decontamination, most of the products on the market also claimed that has additional features such as soft or sterilization. But these functions only play an auxiliary effect, cannot reach a specialized clothing fabric softeners or disinfectant effect. Today's consumers are increasingly high requirements of detergent products, as well as safe environmental protection, do not hurt the skin and fabric, and easy to use and good effect. Can replace a variety of washing products truly multifunctional laundry detergent, is bound to get the favour of broad consumer. From each big laundry detergent manufacturer price war in 2009, the retail price of laundry detergent is to cut, also is no before all promotions. Such a change, make more consumers choose laundry detergent as the main product of washing clothes, not just of white-collar personage high-end products. Popular laundry detergent market more than 80% of the products contain a variety of additives, although on the surface to achieve a certain effect, but after using not only damage the clothes material, residue will have a major impact on health. Common additives are fluorescent whitening agent, silicone oil, thickening agent, bleaching agent, foaming agent, pigment, TCC, etc. With the continuous improvement of people's health consciousness and the environmental protection consciousness, health problems more and more get the attention of people, the requirement of laundry detergent is not only limited to 'can wash clean clothes' this basic level, consumers put forward for laundry detergent 'not hazardous to health, do not damage the environment' of the new requirements. Japan making machine company introduced environmental protection laundry detergent, all raw materials using environmental protection material, harmless to the environment, no pollution, 99. Microbial 99% biodegradable. Fluorescent agent, adding phosphide, without bleaching agent, silicone oil, no preservatives, no chemical allergic material such as fluorescent agent. Antistatic use deep removal of obstinate stains, make clothes, the clothes better level off, smooth, more can prevent color, wash any mix, improve the efficiency of laundry; Physical security natural antibacterial, bring healthy natural enzyme washing new experience, decomposition of dirt, every time cleaning, laundry more bright and soft. High quality washing powder is made of deionized water and all kinds of environmentally friendly additives, decontamination, antifreeze, fight electrostatic, anticorrosion, etc. Some better quality washing powder, and with rapid melting snow melting ice, anti glare, prevent mist, such as performance, to improve the driving safety have a major role. And inferior detergent are mostly water and alcohol and into, not only damage the car paint surface gloss, hardness of rubber strip, serious still can cause rubber parts or other plastic produce off color, solution, etc. And after washing powder in cleaning the glass, can flow near the air inlet to air conditioning, washing powder volatile odor will be along the car air conditioning ventilating duct into the indoor driving. Inferior detergent is harmful volatile gas, will become the stealth owners detrimental to health killer. Hangzhou international trade co. , LTD is a professional engaged in the development of environmentally friendly production machine, daily chemical products, technology development, production, sales, joining, import and export trade as one of the high-tech enterprises. Company's brand is a set of supplies technical formula, production machine research and development, production machining, sales for the integration of machinery production factory house. Professional research and development, production and sales of detergent production machine, small laundry detergent production price shampoo, washing powder production machine, large production machines, car washing powder production machine, automobile antifreeze production machining, multi-function washing powder making machine, washing liquid wax joining, home-based tyre making machine making machine, new type shower gel making machine and so on market price of common daily universal cleaning manufacture machine, my unit also provides the corresponding operation method of the latest technology formula, making machine technology such as a full set of data, and provide free technical advice for a long time. The company technical force is abundant, provide long-term market best-selling brand of various technical formula.
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