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White clothes laundry detergent knowledge on how to avoid the washing the yellow?

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
We all know that washing common sense, white clothes will slowly grow old yellow. Laundry detergent knowledge interpretation, on the one hand, the protein in perspiration condensation on the fabric, if not completely wash, the residual protein oxidation can lead to yellow clothes, and on the other hand long-term washing, the alkaline detergent ingredients will rot in the color agent, damage the fabric texture, lead to dark yellow clothes. , then, how should the white clothes cleaning and maintenance to keep white as new? How to wash white clothes: 1. Use detergent or bleach water immersion, this method should pay attention to the proportion of disinfectant to water and soak time, disinfectant detergency is stronger, but some damage to clothing. Suggested after rinsing, best again after the water for 15 to 30 minutes, to decrease the damage degree of the disinfectant on clothes. 2. White dress it is better to wash in cold water, or rinse water temperature and washing water temperature. Like white clothes after warm washing powder water or soap to wash, rinse the best temperature close to the water the first time. If your clothes in cold water immediately after being washed, the fiber contained in the detergent will be surrounded by material quenching contraction, not easy to wash. Detergent in clothes can make clothes yellow color. 3. Drops of 3 - in the water 5 drops of pure blue ink and beaten by hand after put the washing rinsing clean white shirt in the water, 3 - push-up 5 times, take it out to dry; 3. If clothes because contact sweat hair is yellow, can take white vinegar mixed with water, soak a taste of clothes for about 5 minutes, then put up the clothes to dry it in ventilated place. Prevention of white yellow clothes: 1. Clothing after cleaning with detergent, to thoroughly rinse clean clothes, avoid detergent residues; 2. Negative air basks in clothings, avoid sun exposure; 3. Receive clothes before stains from clothes to wash clean, avoid the perspiration and other organic residues on the clothes, make clothes under oxidation yellow; 4. To receive clothing is to keep the clothes drying, in chest to prevent such as camphor ball can moistureproof mildew, white clothes to receive separately with colored clothes. Laundry detergent washing powder production machine equipment prices next article: treasure mom chose to infants and young children because a reason: washing powder equipment production of washing powder on hands?
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